Auto Electrical Service in Cranbourne


Auto Electrical servicing is crucial in keeping modern vehicles running efficiently and safely.

When it comes to expert auto electrical services in Cranbourne area, Cranbourne Auto Electrical & Mechanical provide best quality and price. We provide a comprehensive range of mechanical and auto electrical services for a diverse range of vehicles, including boats, trucks, horse floats, trailers, caravans, plant, and equipment.

In addition to the traditional systems such as starter motors and simple systems like radios, the electrical systems of modern cars now need to cope with many more components. Such things as modern safety systems & controls and a range of electronic devices such as navigation systems and various entertainment devices all rely on your auto electrical system to function. 

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Cranbourne Auto Electrical and Mechanical provide expert auto electrical service in Cranbourne VIC.  

We take pride in providing a one-stop shop for auto electrical and mechanical repairs on all types of vehicles and equipment. Our helpful and friendly service extends to a drop off and pick up facility with local shops and much more. Our skilled auto electricians are familiar with all of the latest electronic fault diagnosis techniques and have state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment at their disposal. Our dedicated team of technicians have experience working on vehicles of all ages, from cherished classics to brand new cars and trucks and are able to trace and repair all types of electrical faults efficiently.

When it comes to the fitting of replacement electrical components and accessories, such as dual battery/charging systems and trailer electrics, we are the number one choice in the Cranbourne area. From alternator/starter motor exchange and electronic fault diagnosis to wiring repairs, diagnostics and fitting of all types of electrical components and accessories, ours is the only name that you need to remember.

Our auto electrical services include testing, servicing, refitting and repairing a whole rangeof electrical components fitted to different types of vehicles including; 

  • Fuel pumps
  • Radios/stereos
  • Trailer brakes
  • Anti-theft devices
  • Air conditioning Systems
  • Gauges and instruments
  • Indicator units
  • Control circuits
  • DC generators
  • Starter motors
  • Alternators
  • Batteries
  • Electronic fuel injection systems
  • Electric gear shift control systems
  • Lights
  • Ignition systems 

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